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About DavidHoffmanOnline

DavidHoffmanOnline  provides Web Site content development, support and technical maintenance services, for modest fees, to progressive social action and political organizations, faith communities and interfaith bodies.


Proprietor   —   David L. Hoffman,  J.D.

Developed and constructed Web sites for my own business and for an international service and study project in Bolivia  involving myself and two volunteer colleagues.

College level technical study of web site design and construction, focusing on HTML, CSS, WordPress and related skills.

Contract employment furnishing Web Site maintenance, content development and update and upgrade service for a progressive nonprofit coalition of religious congregations and community action groups based in Sonoma County, California.

Nine years employment as a Content Developer and Researcher for the legal news and on-line reference  features of the Bar Association web site in a major metropolitan area (San Jose, California).

Extensive progressive social and political activism,  including twenty-five years professional experience as a paralegal and attorney in the fields of disability rights and services, labor and employment rights and other areas of public interest and social justice.   (Now retired.)

Progressive Social Action:

I have been an activist and leader in Peace, Justice, Human Rights and other community and political action for over 50 years. This includes twenty-five Years as a Public Interest Attorney and Paralegal.

Since 2013 I have served as Co-Chair of the Education Justice Task Force of the North Bay Organizing Project  —  a grass roots coalition of 20 Sonoma County congregations, labor unions and community action groups.

During the 1960s and 1970s I spent years as a welfare parent.  Some of that time we were homeless. Those very difficult circumstances hardened my commitment to focus my skills and energy on struggles for Human Rights, Justice and Peace.


I began actively encouraging interfaith bridge-building in Sonoma County 15 years ago, in the aftermath of the 2001 World Trade Center tragedy.

I have deep respect for all Humanity’s faith traditions.  I find people of equal devotion, wisdom and compassion in all of them.   My personal spirituality is Pentecostal Christian and Quaker   —informed by years of seeking and study of many other spiritual traditions.  I am a member of Redwood Forest Friends Meeting in Santa Rosa, California.

It is a Divine moral imperative for compassionate, responsible people of faith to mitigate the suffering and destruction which poverty, war, economic exploitation and communal hatred and violence inflict on Humanity and our planet.  We must find new ways to accomplish this.  Present efforts are clearly not sufficient.  This is difficult work.  My efforts so far have been modest:

As founding co-chair of the Interfaith Council of Sonoma County, I created an annual event which has brought together Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and other faith communities in joint fasting for peace, worship, celebration and a community dinner for up to 140 guests.

Sonoma County’s North Bay Organizing Project (mentioned earlier) is affiliated with Gamaliel Foundation, which mobilizes faith communities and progressive organizations to address these crises in over 40 communities throughout the U.S. .


I have lived in Sonoma County, California since 1982.  I have lived and worked in rural Latino communities in New Mexico, with migrant and seasonal farmworkers in New York, and low-income, mixed-race urban neighborhoods in New York and California. Places of long-term residence have included Seattle, Washington (my home town), the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern New Mexico and Upstate New York (Rochester).

In addition to my legal and activist background I have worked in construction, factory and restaurant work and independent landscape contracting.

Academic Degrees:

Juris Doctor, University of California Law School, Berkeley, California (“Boalt Hall”), 1992

Specialized study of International Human Rights, Labor Law, Race Relations and Law and Legislation

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California, 1989

Academic focus on the Sociology of Disability

Website Development and Support for Progressive and Faith Based Social Action